Connor Denoon

Connor is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#16005) and a recent graduate of Adler University’s Master of Counselling Psychology program. He brings a fresh perspective to his therapeutic relationships with his diverse employment and educational background in Psychology, Journalism, and Political Science. He has been involved with HIM since 2016 as a volunteer with HUSTLE, and … Continue reading “Connor Denoon”

Mary Petty

Mary offers individual and couples counselling. Mary is an experienced clinician with a wide range of practice experience Approaches/techniques: client-centred, relationship-focused; support for life transition, change; mindfulness

Lynden Neudorf

I see individuals and couples for sex therapy, which is a non-touch form of talk therapy to address issues related to sex and sexuality. I view sex and sexuality as something to be explored, rather than problems to be overcome. In therapy, I address a wide range of issues including concerns with arousal and desire, … Continue reading “Lynden Neudorf”