Devin Chen

My focus to wellness is a holistic approach. As a queer man of colour, I understand how the outside world influences our sense of self and expectations. This life experience helps me better understand the combination of how your environment, mind, and body affect the way you live your life. I truly believe we all … Continue reading “Devin Chen”

Alvaro Luna, MSc

I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) and psychotherapist, and I support gender and sexually diverse folks in making sense of their emotional and relational experiences. I strive to support clients in attaining their emotion regulation and processing goals and needs incorporating psychological interventions relevant to them. My education includes a master in Clinical and … Continue reading “Alvaro Luna, MSc”

Lynden Neudorf

I see individuals and couples for sex therapy, which is a non-touch form of talk therapy to address issues related to sex and sexuality. I view sex and sexuality as something to be explored, rather than problems to be overcome. In therapy, I address a wide range of issues including concerns with arousal and desire, … Continue reading “Lynden Neudorf”