Your Story Evolved, Maedean Myers

My name is Maedean Yvonne Myers, BFA, MC, RCC. I provide compassionate and effective counselling for adults and adolescents. My practice is about giving people a safe place to share their concerns, a space to feel heard, validated and supported. I strive to help you feel accepted and encourage you to nurture compassion for yourself and your suffering. Sometimes we get lost in the fog of fear, getting overwhelmed by our feelings of isolation and worry about the future. Together we will work to uncover the hidden strengths within you to develop the resilience and confidence to live your days with a sense of self love and personal respect. You may find that you are more emboldened to make loving choices for yourself and those you care about, choices that improve your relationships and quality of life.

Together we will cultivate the seeds of strength, courage, and resilience budding within you through compassionate, effective conversation and artful exploration. After working with me, you will have tools to cope with the problems in your life without them taking over your life.

Approaches/techniques: Strengths Based, Narrative, Person Centered, Mindfulness and Expressive Arts